Automate Your Team Hiring, Onboarding and Training

Stop wasting time on costly, outdated and energy-draining manual hiring processes.

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Imagine all the time & money you'll save by automating hiring & team trainings

Automatically filter through candidates, interview people and find the best people to hire, in no-time.

Jarvi automates all the tasks you don’t like doing

Imagine all the manual work and time you spend on hiring, filtering through candidates, endless meetings, interviews, onboarding and training.

Now replace all that with an automated platform that does all the work for you at scale:

  • One way automated video interviews

  • Automated role play training with candidates

  • Screen recording that documents everything

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Here's just a few of our brand new exciting features

Automated interviews

Let your candidates get interviewed in the software.

Team training library

Upload lessons for your team to watch on-demand.

SOP’s & processes

Easy step by step task guides for your team.

All-in-one dashboard

Manage your entire team from one simple place.

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Qualify people faster using AI

Stop loosing candidates because they don't complete your personality profile assessment.

Automate personality & performance assessments

Automate personality and performance assessments that are 80-100% accurate on 100% of your candidates within seconds.

This allows you to speed up the time it takes to filter out and qualify the right people when you’re hiring people to your team.

We’re adding this feature in the near future, so book a free demo call to get early beta access.

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Why people love Jarvi

Before using Jarvi

  • Everything done manually

  • Tons of 1 on 1 meetings

  • Time wasted on interviews

  • Unqualified candidates

  • Energy-draining tasks

  • Repetitive manual trainings

  • You end up hating your job

After using Jarvi

  • Automate time consuming tasks

  • 100’s of hours saved easily

  • Qualified candidates only

  • Automated team trainings

  • Have extra time left over

  • More energy to do other things

  • Finally love your job again

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Save time & money by leveraging the power of AI in Jarvi

Your recruiting process just got much easier, faster and more affordable.


Virtually pre-screen employees before they enroll in your training program.

Automated trainings

Schedule a time you want the software to automatically facilitate for you.


Save time by having your employees go through a guided training and exam.

SOP's & Processes

Keep your entire team’s documents up-to-date and compliant in one simple place.

Video library

Easily connect your team members with leaders and trainers they can learn from.


Quickly and easily review candidate profiles from Jarvi so you know who’s qualified.

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Pricing plans

Hiring plan

Automated disc assessment

Job description pages

Hiring applications

Automated job interviews

And much more

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Training plan

Video training library

SOP's and processes

Automated facilitation

Performance tracking

And much more

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All-in-one plan

Automated disc assessment

Job description pages

Hiring applications

Automated job interviews

Video training library

SOP's and processes

Automated facilitation

Performance tracking

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30 day money back guarantee

Try it out free without risk - just book a demo call and we’ll show you how it works for your specific company.

Frequently asked questions

How can Jarvi automate the interviews?

Great question, we've developed an AI "robot" that asks all the same questions you would typically do manually, and then have the candidate answer them live on video, so you can see the recordings in the dashboard later.

Who’s Jarvi perfect for?

We developed Jarvi to help every business owner save time, money and resources when hiring and growing your team, and managing everyone and everything in one place. So if you have a team or looking to hire people fast and without wasting a lot of time, Jarvi is perfect for you.

How does Jarvi work?

It's very simple, you just create an account and upload your team trainings and documents, so you can start training and supporting your people in their roles of growing and managing your business.

What if get stuck and need support?

We understand that new softwares can be a little overwhelming, especially when there's AI involved. That's why we've opened up a few slots on our calendar to show you 1 on 1 how it works and demo the software with you completely free.

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